2nd Annual Women's Empowerment

2nd Annual Women's Empowerment

Celebrating the Past, Planning for the Future


A mentor's connection leads to a sister's lifelong protection
The 4th Amendment

The 4th Amendment

Words, good and bad, are powerful. We want to learn the ones to protect ourselves.

A Delightful Women's Empowerment Event!

We want to thank everyone who attended to our 2nd annual Women’s Empowerment Event on Sunday, February 25, 2018! It was a huge success and this year’s panelist put the “POWER” in empowering, bringing forth energy and enthusiasm! The event encouraged and inspired everyone to participate in building stronger economics to improve the quality of life for women, families and communities. We will post pictures on our social media profiles.

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Special Guest Performance

Lena Soul

Lena Soul is a master of many hailing from New York, New York. She is a singer songwriter, actress and humanitarian. We sincerely appreciate her amazing performing during our last event!



Poetry Between Sisters

Our first book, we are proud of our very own Angelic Poets and Karen Yelverton. Please support our mission to revitalize our youth by captivating their creative writing skills, welcoming their freedom of speech and expression. Karen will sign each purchased copy.


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Angelic Kreations specializes in creating and cultivating educational and cultural productions. Our mission is to inform through entertainment. We service creatives, activist organizations and professionals in all industries.
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